We are a collective passionate about providing creative craftsmanship.

Luxart | Mission Statement | 2014

We are Luxart. A collective of freelance professionals brought together by our love for all things design. We have been collaborating for over 12 years, bringing to the table a combination of experience in marketing, advertising, business development, creative writing, web design, graphic design and photography to create a well-rounded team.

We create + consult for many satisfied friends around the world, and we would love to discuss how we could be an asset to your project or business.

What can we do for you?

Your brand is the foundation of your company or organization. It is what broadcasts your vision in a way that your target market can relate to. Wherever you are in your identity development we can help you grow to where you need to be.


We learn your unique and relevant story and translate it into a brand experience your audience can honestly relate to. Your branding consists of all facets of your public exposure, in print, on the web, promotional materials, wearables, consumables, etc. We work with you to create a seamlessly integrated and consistent brand.


You know your service, product or vision as well as your customer, and we know how to facilitate communication between the two. We can provide a way to arm yourself with the creative means to articulate your information to your demographic, engineer advocacy for your brand experience and help you plan goals and guidelines for remaining consistent. We strive to keep an open dialogue between us to continually asses the effectiveness of your brand and adapt as necessary.

We are pixel purveyors. Making the world prettier one pixel at a time. Whatever your project, graphics, print, screen, etc., let us try our hand at making it the best it can be. Make your brand proactive, get it out there to the world where it belongs.

Your web presence keeps your information at your audience’s fingertips. It needs to engage interaction and sell your brand at a click or glance.


We can build a custom web presence that combines an interactive user interface with engaging content to inform and sell your brand.


We are available to consult on your current web presence, to make sure it is meeting your needs and goals as well as formulate a plan for engaging content and ease of use.

We selectively take on photography projects to compliment ongoing design relationships. What this means is that if photos of your products or services will help push your brand to the next level we can make it happen. Sometimes stock imagery doesn’t cut it and you’ll want personalized photos that represent your brand. It takes a creative sense, an editing eye and design experience to achieve images that translate well in design projects. We can handle those special projects from start to finish without the complication of a middleman (no offense middleman!).