They say the creative adult is the child who survived, so maybe that’s why I enjoy designing for children’s themes so much. This project was a lot of fun!

The creative adult is the child who survived.

I was approached by some of the leadership at New Covenant Christian Church to help them illustrate and design a logo for their children’s ministry. They were looking for something simple to illustrate the idea of planting a seed. The ministry is called SEEDS – Sowing Encouragement for Eternal Direction and Salvation. There are three sub-logos to cleverly represent development for each Sunday school division; nursery age are Seedlings, primary age are Sprouts and secondary are Saplings.


For the main logo, I loved the idea of incorporating the illustrations into the word rather than a separate mark. I wanted a font that was simple, felt young and playful but also fit with the overall concept. I ended up customizing a font to really finish off the look I was going for. My thought process was to give each sub-logo a unique look by pulling features of the main seeds logo to represent the development stages. I think it really pulled together well.